WHAT TO WEAR: Match, Match, Match

WHAT TO WEAR: Match, Match, Match

Getting ready for an 8:30 a.m. class usually consists of throwing on the first item of clothing you see and rushing to class with your eyes barely open. If this is how your morning routines go, then I totally feel you! I give so much props to anyone who is looking fierce for an early morning lecture. I definitely gave props to this Fashionista when I saw her walking by to her morning class. This Fashionista is definitely rocking the denim look and is owning her stuff on a cold and wintery day.

A useful tip this Fashionista recommends to any other Fashionista out there who can’t function early in the morning is to always match, match, match! This tip is so handy because it’ll be easy to find outfits of the same colors without figuring out if a specific tone of a blue blouse matches with a bright-green sweater. That is what she did today with this denim look, and it looks great!

To start off the look, this Fashionista wore a dark gray, long-sleeve top. This top is plain and simple, which is definitely something you should go for since you don’t want a top that has too many colors, or else you would have a hard time complementing a variety of colors. She then threw on a pair of ripped, denim jeans that are a bit darker than the top. She paired the top and jeans with a light blue denim jacket. Seriously, denim jackets are the key to life! You can wear them with almost anything. This denim jacket pulls the look together and totally complements the gray colors!

For accessories, she had on a cute black backpack that is so adorable and definitely a must-have! Especially for you girls out there who aren’t into purses, definitely go for these! For shoes, she decided to match her backpack and go for black Vans. These Vans are also necessary to own because they are easy to slip on and super comfortable. Finally, this Fashionista threw on a pair of black aviators to match the black backpack and Vans.

The matching clothes and accessories definitely all work well together. So, next time you have an early class, don’t overthink your outfit, just match, match, match!

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