WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

People joke that Florida only has two seasons: summer and summer. I used to agree with that back when I lived in South Florida, but here at UF in North Central Florida, the icicles on the fountain outside my apartment are proof that we do have a winter.

Having lived in Gainesville for almost two years now, I knew not to expect students clad in archetypes of this season’s styles. To many students on campus, winter fashion encompasses UF hoodies and sweats or sorority windbreaker jackets and leggings with combat boots.

It was refreshing to see someone who was not clad in this unofficial UF winter uniform. This Fashionista put her own personal twist on a traditional uniform with her tasseled brown loafers, rounded clubmaster glasses and white collar that peeked out of her sweater.

I loved how classic and simple her style was. It was a healthy reminder that it really does not take effort, as many complain about, to dress well. The stiff white collar and the boxy fit of the sweater kept her outfit looking clean and professional. When I mentioned that, she was so thankful because she said she was on her way to a casual interview and wanted to keep things professional, but not too formal. I think she did just that! I especially loved her brown tasseled loafers from Zara. I have quite a soft spot for oxfords, loafers and any other style of shoe that makes me feel like a classy British person. I also loved the side slits on her black J.Crew sweater. Many designers are paying attention to the fact that the waistband of sweaters sometimes tend to make women look larger at the hips. That is why we have been seeing a lot more of the flattering trend of sweaters with side slits or zippers.

I hope some of you are inspired by this Fashionista’s classic twist on a uniform that kept her looking classic, chic, friendly and interview-ready!

You can steal her style for your interviews with some of the links I provided or with items already in your closet. Throw on a simple, neutral-colored sweater over a collared shirt, wear leather shoes and glasses and you can make this look yours!

One Simple Change: Bold statement jewelry can actually make this outfit more casual and less interview-y by spicing it up with some personality. Adding a statement necklace would keep things fun enough for hanging out with friends or even a date.