While I am all about this weather and love how it makes the entire city look like one massive snow-globe, it can be a little challenging to stay chic and trendy on days like these. This Fashionista pulled this off To a T with this quintessential “running to class” look. She was so put together while also seeming as though she just woke up and threw this outfit on. What works so well is that it puts together all these monochromatic pieces while topping it off with a killer coat.

What this look does so well is keep everything simple without too much going on. It also uses a great piece to bring it to its full potential. She matched a white V-neck top with a pair of high-waisted, light wash “mom” jeans and a pair of white Vans to match the snow. She added this gorgeous blue leather book bag. However, what really made the outfit was her faux fur coat. This dark brown, bulky piece with a strip of white running through the middle tied it all perfectly. While I was all about this Fashionista’s outerwear, one of my favorite things about this look was the earrings. I loved the minimal design and the little stars inside of the hoops. I wanted a pair of these the second I noticed them.

As a minimalist and lover of comfort, I love that this look made all of that happen. This gal’s outfit had all the aspects of a great school day look. It was effortless, cohesive, and comfy. This look serves as a perfect guide for how to get some more z’s in while also keeping it modern and fresh and still staying cozy.

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