STYLE GURU STYLE: Tender Is The Bright

STYLE GURU STYLE: Tender Is The Bright

Alessandro Dell’Acqua’s fall 2015 collection for Rochas displayed strategic bird imagery. The butterfly print on my look photographed here mimics Rochas’ concept.

In the smoldering hot (caliente) temperatures of Puerto Rico, I wore an Effie’s Heart original fitted A-line dress. The enormous butterflies (mariposas) exude the radiance akin to Spanish folk art. The bold print is as loud as the Caribbean world. Everything here in the Caribbean is brighter and more vibrant. It’s the U.S. on steroids. It’s the mind in love. Experientially, it’s a more intense version of reality.

The handmade Frida Kahlo necklace was a sweet gift from my aunt (tia). It is another reminder of the eccentric, Spanish world to which Frida Kahlo and myself belong. Kahlo, a strong, Mexican artist with an undeniable tenderness, is a soul with which I can resonate. My turquoise Converse are as near and dear to my heart as my homeland, Puerto Rico. In this look the shoes suggest dysfunction, but in a cute endearing way. The sun hat is an essential in the tropics, because even though the people are forgiving, the sun is not. The sun is my fair skin’s natural enemy. Also, what could be more vacation appropriate than a big and flappy beach hat?

This entire outfit felt like home to me. It felt like the most “me” I could possibly be. An outward projection of my inner beauty, perhaps? A flower that relearned its loveliness? I think that’s what good fashion does, it digs deep into the essence of who you are and extracts it for external display. What I hope this ensemble says about me: she loves nature, vibrancy and beautiful butterflies. She loves the tenderness of life, love and having an open heart. She is unapologetic.

Get My Look: 1. A sun hat 2. An obnoxiously noticeable dress 3. Your favorite pair of kicks.