STYLE GURU STYLE: Patterned Blues

The Baja East spring 2015 runway show left me acutely aware of two fashion necessities this spring. Blue and Patterns. In the beginning half of the show, all the models were clad in a teal blue with more of a geometric pattern, while in the latter half of the show, the patterns had a much more tribal element as some of the models wore long shapeless maxi and kaftan gowns. I decided to combine these elements into my outfit and head over to the nearby campus gardens for some photos.

I think runaway fashion is notorious for being quirky and “out there.” Despite being called, “ready-to-wear,” many of us can agree that it would be pretty difficult to incorporate runaway fashion into our everyday lives, especially as college students. However, I think rather than trying to somehow achieve an identical look in your wardrobe, the purpose of runaway fashion is simply to be inspired. Every show has a unique theme and focus and it is those distinct elements that you can easily adopt into your own outfits, as I did here. By wearing an ethnic-patterned blue shapeless maxi dress, I tried to incorporate the themes of the Baja East fashion show into my own style.

Despite being inspired by a runway show, it is always important to let details of your own personal style show. This is why I paired my outfit with a felt hat, an assortment of rings, and some chunky wooden heeled clog sandals. Spring is the time to let your accessories do all of the talking, you can never go wrong with a cute hat, a few different rings, and interesting footwear.

Get My Look: 1. Find yourself a cute maxi dress. 2. A felt hat. 3. Some chunky wooden sandals.