Danny Zuko, Indiana Jones and Black Widow: what do they all have in common? If you guessed that they are main characters from famous flicks, then you’re half right. The other half you’re missing is that they all sport a leather jacket in their prospective films. The leather gives off a grungy, cool and wild child feel, and the characters wearing them are nothing short of awesome. In particular, Danny Zuko rocks the motorcycle jacket, which adds to his bad boy, “too cool for school” persona. This piece doesn’t just make a statement in the movies, but it is also an eye-catcher in the real world. In recent decades, leather jackets and specifically moto jackets have been a popular trend, and the Louis Vuitton spring 2016 ready-to-wear collection proves that it’s here to stay.

Throughout the sci-fi themed show, moto jackets and laser-cut leathers are flaunted down the runway. If you want to look like your own version of the show’s “cyberpunks,” you can pair your moto jacket with leather shorts or pants.

Lucky for us Fashionistas, the moto jacket can be incorporated into an everyday look, whether it is a night out on the town or an early morning coffee run. One can always use a leather jacket regardless of one’s personal style. From bohemian to chic, any outfit can be pulled together by simply adding this piece. To exemplify how a moto jacket can be taken from futuristic and scientific (as seen in the Louis Vuitton show) to grungy and classic, I have styled it with a light washed pair of ripped jeans, a loose fitting white tank top, a crisscross bralette layered underneath the top, a black leather belt and platform slip-on sneakers. To sprinkle some personal flair, I am wearing a statement necklace and reflective sunglasses. The silver necklace, silver metal on the jacket and the silver detail in the sunglasses help to give my classic look that punk twist. Additionally, the velvet of the slip-ons complements the leather of the jacket as the two different textures complete the edgier part of the look.

Go ahead and grab that leather jacket from your mom’s closet circa 1990, or go and locate one in your nearest shopping mall! It’s an essential piece for every season. As Diane von Furstenberg once said, “Attitude is everything.” So essentially, moto jackets are everything, for what has more attitude than leather? And there you have it, out of the movies, off the runway and onto the streets!

Get My Look: 1. Moto jacket. 2. Reflective sunglasses. 3. Slip-on sneakers.