STYLE GURU BIO: Melissa Sands

STYLE GURU BIO: Melissa Sands

Hey Fashionista/os! This will be my second semester as a Style Guru and my first semester as an editorial intern for CollegeFashionista, and I could not be more thrilled! I’m going into my senior year in book and media studies at the University of Toronto, and I honestly can’t wait to get back into class. Autumn has always been my favorite season for this reason because as much as I enjoy the respite from the gruelling studies, I will always love the feeling of getting back to school after a long summer. It always meant finally getting to wear my favorite wardrobe pieces again: a return to jeans, jackets and sweaters. 

I’ve always had an eclectic sense of fashion—I tend to vary from day to day, going from casual to grunge to classic without thinking twice. I draw inspiration from those around me; I tend to people watch while sitting on campus between classes and it always leads to finding new trends or new outfit combinations I’d never thought of before. My outfits tend to be an amalgamation of the styles I see on the street, and here you can see that my outfits can easily transition from classy and professional to casual and street-ready with the addition of a single garment. 

I tend to lean towards a monochromatic wardrobe—you’ll most often see me in black, white and gray. Here I am wearing a white twisted crop top from Topshop, black ripped jeans, also from Topshop (can you tell I have a favorite?) and a blue denim jacket from H&M. The pins on the lapel of my jacket are from Stay Home Club, an indie Canadian-based illustrative shop. The addition of pins to the collar of a denim jacket gives me a sort of youthful girl gang vibe that exudes a coolness that only the millennial generation could hope to achieve; hopefully I can live up to the brand. 

I hope you’ll all keep up with me as I head into my final year of my undergrad with CollegeFashionista! I’m excited to see what this year brings, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be doing it with the guru gang by my side. xoxo