STYLE GURU BIO: Marley Applebaum

January 6th, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey everyone! My name is Marley Applebaum and this is my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am a freshman at the University of Minnesota, and am working hard to stay warm in this freezing weather. My current plan is to major in marketing and minor in design. I procrastinate doing my homework by browsing through my favorite fashion blogs and makeup sites, and unfortunately am well known by the receptionists in my dorm as the girl who has a serious self-control problem with online shopping.

My favorite thing about getting dressed each morning is that each outfit I curate reflects my mood and whatever is plaguing my mind. To me, clothing is a tangible representation of my inner-being that can often times be restricted by words. By pairing my grandma’s vintage rings with sale rack finds or my black Dr. Martens with a floral sundress, I am able to project my internal emotions onto my external environment.

Dressing appropriately for the freezing Minnesota weather can sometimes be aesthetically limiting—so I apologize to those who have seen me in the same chunky sweater and thick leggings more than once. As Lizzie Mcguire was once dubbed, I am an “outfit repeater.” Fortunately, breaking rules is one of my favorite parts of fashion. Mixing contrasting textures, colors and wearing the forbidden blue and black color combination provide release from the stress that comes with being a regular college student. Pushing boundaries and crossing a few lines each time I get dressed has proven to be both liberating and creatively stimulating.

I am incredibly excited to share both my outfits and ideas with everyone, and cannot wait to see what these next few months have to offer!