STYLE GURU BIO: Alice Barsky

When I walk into a room, the sound of my wooden platforms lets everyone know I’ve arrived. I have always been a person that likes to be heard, and my usual choice of footwear almost always ensures that I am. My love for fashion started at my feet; growing up I rocked black knee-high go-go boots (that I often kept cookies hidden in for later) and in high school I had my signature wooden clogs.

I am currently in my third year at The Georgia Institute of Technology studying public policy and film and media studies. Ever since I was young, I have followed pop culture closely and love to analyze how the media contributes to social and political movements, lifestyle trends and of course style at any given point in history.

If I were to point to a decade as my main style inspiration, I would choose the ’70s. I like to wear loose, peasant tops in earthy tones (like this one from Free People), clunky platform shoes and I always appreciate a good pair of flare jeans. Bohemian style allows a woman to look ethereal and effortless while exuding power and autonomy. Fashion trends are cyclical, and I love to see ’70s-inspired looks gracing shelves again.

Another trend I identify with and I am happy to see being embraced is #loveyourcurls. I have thick, red curly hair that I battled with and suppressed during my adolescence, but I am now proud to let my curls fly free with the help of DevaCurl. Loving my natural hair has empowered me to love myself.

I am excited to find Fashionistas/os around Georgia Tech and in Atlanta, share fashion musings and hopefully empower others to express themselves through clothing!