STYLE ADVICE: Ride Out January with Nostalgia-inspired Flair

STYLE ADVICE: Ride Out January with Nostalgia-inspired Flair

In what has been a series of years bursting with nostalgic fervor, 2016 was our ’80s installment. This year, stores packed with ringer tees, corduroy, mock neck sweaters, retro patterns, and fur-lined denim jackets helped us recreate this look. Eighties-inspired pop culture helped fuel our obsession, with Netflix releasing Stranger Things and the newest chapter of Star WarsRogue One.

This Fashionista has perfected the aesthetic of 20th century nostalgia, pairing a bleach dyed band shirt (which she DIY’ed herself!) with a vintage denim jacket that sports soft, rounded edges. She balances the oversized nature of the coat with black leggings, then counterbalances her bottoms with clunky Dr. Martens. Her large silver hoops and mauve matte lipstick top off the look, instilling an undertone of glamour to her outfit. Breaking from her metal earrings, she wears a cord necklace with a cowrie shell from a past visit to Maui.

Her ability to subtly match colors is what pulls this look together. The outfit interweaves orange with black; her three black pieces—leggings, boots, and necklace—highlight the fiery accents of her shirt, which she pairs with burnt orange socks to place a cozy edge on her rocker aesthetic.

If there’s anything we can take from this Fashionista’s look, it’s that complimentary balance and matching accents is the key to integrating crazy prints into your outfit. If you’re itching to ride out the ’80s wave, here’s a tip: pair your wacky vintage sweater with neutral tones, then include rad socks or shoes to tie the look together.


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