A few summers ago I was tasked with predicting a trend for my fashion forecasting course at the London College of Fashion. This trend had to be proven using industry guidelines and different forecast agency standards. For example, one must “spot” the trend three times across three separate industries in order to predict it as a trend and not just a fluke. We presented these trends to the class and one classmate stated mixed patterns will be worn in the future the way a black suit is worn now. We will become so used to patterns that they will be seen as basics.

You’ve got to understand—she predicted this four years ago when mixing patterns was still a fairly brand new trend. It’s true that in 2016, patterns have still not replaced the classic all black outfit. However, they have come far. The little kid hippie in each of us is rejoicing.

This Fashionista shows her love for the future of patterns. Proudly, she combines them in a risky way to amplify her personality. This woman is young, free and ready to party all summer (Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, anyone?). Sure, there are some styling rules to follow when mixing patterns. For example, this Fashionista is using corresponding colors. Yet at the end of the day, patterns are about bringing the wearer joy. If I may be so honest, that’s what we all need a bit of right now.

Patterns are about adding spunk to your day and being playful. They are about feeling closer to your natural self—Or at least the hippie one and not the one that needs their coffee black. The true key to wearing patterns is to embrace prints that feel like you. Do you detest flowers, polka dots or neon tie-dye? Don’t wear them. Dress in geometric shapes, stripes or animal prints instead.

The possibilities are endless with patterns. Don’t worry or get overwhelmed, because it’s all in the name of a little fierce fun.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “I buy most of my clothes vintage or from Goodwill. It makes things more sustainable, more economical and more fun.”