If this was 2005 and you heard the word jumpsuit, you would probably think of a racecar driver for NASCAR, and the driver would probably be wearing bright red, while getting into a car covered in logos. Am I right? Well now, 10 years later, jumpsuits are a stylish piece that any Fashionista can rock. Just look at Blake Lively, she wears jumpsuits like it’s her job.

This Fashionista took a page out of the Gossip Girl handbook and opted for a printed jumpsuit. The cinched waist and lack of sleeves is a very modern take on the one piece. However, the print of this suit is the key to the whole outfit as the red, blue and black spotted design really takes the outfit to the next level. If the jumpsuit was simply a solid color, it would be much more basic and honestly just not as fun as the current jumpsuit. This suit is very eye-catching and it lets everyone know that this Fashionista is definitely dressing to impress.

To play up her outfit a little bit, this Fashionista decided to accessorize by wearing a dainty diamond heart necklace, paired with silver bangles. Her silver necklace and bracelets are a great way to add a little flavor to your outfit without overdoing it. The bracelets also made a super cute jingling noise when she walked! Silver jewelry is very easy to add to an outfit because the color matches with almost anything.

If you are not as lucky as Blake Lively to be blessed with such long legs, try buying a jumpsuit that has a higher waistline. The higher the waistline, the more the suit will accentuate your legs.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Rompers and jumpsuits are my go-to because not only are they convenient, but they’re comfortable, too. Comfort doesn’t always mean sweats or a T-shirt.”