STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cold Weather Unisex Style

Scrambling around campus searching for a beacon of both warmth and fashion, I met this Fashionista outside as she was holding a promotional event for her sorority. At first, I felt so bad that she was out on a day where the sky was gray, the weather was cold and the atmosphere on campus was as well. However, upon closer inspection, she had definitely crafted an outfit of layers built to keep warmth in and leave frumpiness out.

She had on a DC beanie, big headphones with bright green wires sitting around her neck and some Gator gloves warming her hands. Those pieces especially harmonized to lend her outfit urban and edgy street style notes. I mean, anyone with headphones accessorizing their neck looks cool, right?

Her outfit is what I would dub “Unisex Style.” She layered an oversized down coat with a big fur collar and fur trims over a fleece jacket and wore a light pink thermal underneath. The pieces of her outfit were not very feminine and my unisex suspicions were confirmed as she divulged that the fleece jacket, gloves and beanie she was wearing were men’s clothing she borrowed from a friend. It was for this reason that she was surprised that I even approached her about her outfit!

When we are little girls, we are sort of forced into the idea of wearing things that we are “supposed” to like: pink, flowers, lace, Disney princess costumes, etc. I am not in any way making a judgment on wearing any of these things as an adult (I for one love wearing lace and floral), but as we grow up we start to grow into ourselves and develop conceptions of who we are. This Fashionista was able to take a black fleece men’s jacket with hardly any personality or definition and create her own definition of style with it and mold it to her taste. Her bright coral lipstick, crochet booties and cat eye makeup contrasted the unisex trend of her outfit to give a neutral balance of both feminine and masculine elements.

I think many fashion subcultures are going the unisex route as personal style evolves to become less about typical gender roles and more about personal expression and how, even against a plain and manly canvas, her personal style could easily shine through.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Layers, layers and more layers!”