STYLE ADVICE: Bombers and Backpacks

STYLE ADVICE: Bombers and Backpacks

While the summer weather hasn’t exactly hit yet, the last days of spring are still wonderful. However, it’s still a little breezy even though the sun is out. I was so glad to run into this Fashionista on my walk home. Her outfit had the quintessential NYC college student look while also being three of my favorite things: trendy, comfy, and cute.

The first thing that caught my eye about this Fashionista’s look was definitely her awesome forest green bomber jacket. This jacket got my attention right away and made me want to run to the store and find one just like it. The color was great along with the silver hardware on the jacket; the overall design of it was great, especially because of all the little pockets. I also really loved her little light gray mini faux leather backpack and its minimalist detail. Also, while heeled sneakers aren’t usually my cup of tea, I felt that this shoe definitely added a little something to the outfit. I was in love with these all white ones and their simple gold zipper detail. To tie it all together, she went all black under these accessories, which kept the minimalist look together.

This Fashionista’s look was perfect for the season. What worked so well for this look was the pairing of these great pieces toned down by the monochromatic black outfit. So don’t be afraid to wear a few statement pieces together. I also appreciated how comfortable this Fashionista came off in this look, as if it suited her. We should all take a hint from this lovely lady in order to tie together some great pieces.

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