The Return of the Skort—Yay or Nay?

The Return of the Skort—Yay or Nay?

Is it possible that the skort is back in style? I have noticed a sudden reappearance of it in stores, on the runway, around my school, and even at parties.

I had always attached a negative connotation to the skort, so this comes to my surprise. Even Urban Dictionary defines skorts as “a common feature of girls’ school uniforms, for elementary and middle school children, but rare outside that setting.”

Well, it seems that along with other nineties revival trends in the current fashion world, the skort is back. And I admit it, I already own a skort—three actually—and I am in love with them! Let me tell you why.

If you are not familiar with the skort, it is a cross between a skirt and shorts. For the summer, it is the perfect trend to take advantage of. Skorts are about functionality and comfort, without sacrificing the look of a skirt. It also allows you to wear a very short hemline, to escape the heat, without the worry of unwanted exposure.

The skort has been traditionally used in sports, like tennis and golf, but has suddenly reemerged in the fashion world with modern and stylish twists. For example, the traditional skort offers a flowing, skirt-like front, but the back is the noticeable look of shorts, making the hybrid seem like an experiment gone wrong sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, some of these do look good, but there has recently been a breakthrough discovery and the hybrid has been improved. The modern skort allows for more options. Two trendy variations of the skort include the soft shorts that give the appearance of a flowy skirt, and the full skirt with the lining of shorts underneath that is barely noticeable. I opted for the latter today, though I own one of each mentioned (told you I am in love!).

On my way to the beach, I am wearing a white skort, with two tiny slits on both sides in the front that make it flirty in a subtle way. I paired it with a loose, light blue and white striped, button-down shirt, and a navy blue bikini underneath. I am also wearing navy blue platform sandals and some silver jewelry to match my sunglasses.

This skort can be worn for many occasions! It is very minimalist, which allows for other statement pieces in your outfit. For example, I wore it out to party at night with a sparkly top and high heels, and now, I am wearing it to the beach. Therefore, you can wear this skort any way you want in order to follow the trend but make it your own. Definitely yay for the return of the skort!

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