3 Ways to Play with Prints and Still Look Absolutely Chic

3 Ways to Play with Prints and Still Look Absolutely Chic

Bold patterns are my favorite fashion statement, but there is a misconception that only certain people can “pull them off.” However, a few tips and tricks are all it takes to prevent that fear of looking like you got dressed in the dark. Here are some clever ways to wear patterns and prints and look absolutely chic while doing so.

Mix and Match Prints

When mixing prints, keep them in the same color family and on different sizing scales. This juxtaposition of a dress sporting big, colorful shapes with a headscarf covered in small, uniform polka-dots is the perfect example. The scarf’s size and pattern ensure that it doesn’t overwhelm the outfit. Plus, the scarf’s red shade matches some of the shapes on the dress. Everything is tied together, despite the prints being different.

PHOTO: Ali Bell

Pair Prints With Solids

For a more modest approach, try pairing patterns with neutral prints and shades. Patterns stand out when they are beside, or slightly obscured by, blocks of solid color. However, they don’t overwhelm the viewer. The small dragonfly pattern pictured here, for example, is covered by a solid black overall dress. As a result, we only see glimpses of the print, but are our eyes are naturally drawn to it.

PHOTO: Natalie Miller

Use Softer Shades

If you need a more nuanced look for a job interview or business meeting, wear a print in muted colors for a less intense outfit. The shirt pictured is covered in large flowers and circles, yet the colors are faint enough that the shirt doesn’t overpower the rest of the outfit. The result is subtle but effective.

Do you have a favorite pattern? Comment your tips for wearing prints below!

Featured photo by Layne Miller.