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Hello! My names Nya Oliver and I’m an addict. A fashion addict, but I mean who isn’t these days right? Well I’m 22 years old and a resident to Raleigh, NC. Currently I’m a Fashion Marketing and Management Major. I took up this study in hopes that I can use the knowledge gained to become something along the lines of a Creative Director, Social Media Manager and Online Boutique owner.

I have been blessed to have some wonderful professors and peers, whom provided me with some amazing opportunities since I’ve been in college. These experiences have allowed me to gain a day in the life of the careers I hope to partake in once I have graduated and gained some more experience. I am currently a social media manager as an intern over at The Girlfriends Pod, providing women of color a safe space and opportunity to learn about opportunities in our community!

While I am on this journey I hope that I can inspire a few along the way.

x Nya