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<p>Hello, my name is Amanda Smith and I am a 24 yr old student in Orlando Florida. I work full time for a Social Media Marketing company as a Social Media monitor. I started my Youtube channel over 4 years ago and my blog just over a year ago. I have a strong desire to bring creativity back into the every day girl’s wardrobe and teach her how to express herself through what she wears. To me being open and honest are the two most important things on social media. It seems the everyday girl looks up to social influencers and see’s a “perfect” life when in fact, no one’s life is perfect. I love talking about the things that make me real, and bringing attention to conversations we as a society need to have. In all I create whether it’s for my blog, youtube channel, or social media platforms I try to promote body positivity, individualism, bravery, equal rights for women, and chasing your dreams no matter how scary they are. </p>