How to Decorate Your Room With More Than Just Posters

How to Decorate Your Room With More Than Just Posters

When you buy posters, it’s exciting to think of putting them up and around your space for a fresh, new look. But when the moment comes to hang them up, it can be daunting to decide how and where to place them on your wall. Sure, you could just tape them up side by side and be done with it, but there are other ways to style your posters that can make even the cheapest artwork (magazine clippings, posters, or keepsakes) look like a million bucks. From geometric arrangements to decorative tape, keep reading for seven cool ways hang your wall adornments.

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Experiment With Unexpected Materials

Who says you have to stick with basic posters when decorating your space? If you’re short on funds or just bored by standard wall art, utilize any well-designed materials you can find (like newspaper clippings or cute coffee sleeves) to create an inspiration area that incorporates various textures.

Utilize Layering for a Collage-Like Effect

There are truly no rules when it comes to hanging artwork, so don’t hold back when it comes to embellishing your walls. Cut out your favorite magazine spreads or some motivational quotes, and then throw them on your wall to create a mood board you can look to when you’re in need of inspiration.

Forgo Nails for Decorative Tape

Not only will removable Washi masking tape save you from ruining your walls (and avoiding those dorm fines), it will also add another dimension to your posters. Choose your favorite color and tape up all your favorite pieces or just use it sparingly to add a pop of color throughout your display.

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Contrast an Organized Composition With Organic Shapes

If you’re more of a free spirit, try pairing posters or photos with free-form shapes to break up the clean lines. For a big contrast, pair a grid-like format with something natural, like plants or flowers.

Use Artwork as a Wallpaper Alternative

For the maximalist at heart, you may want to cover your walls from top to bottom in order to give your room a more cozy feel. Instead of going the traditional route of hanging artwork in few places, why not put it everywhere? The theme here is “more is more,” so make sure you collect keepsakes from all of your travels.

Add Dimension With Décor

If plain posters are too boring for your taste, we’ve got you. In that case, layer different textures—like sparkly garland and string lights—along your walls for a multi-dimensional effect.

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