Sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory! They are a great way to shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, and they are quite stylish. Whether you are walking the sunny streets of New York City or tanning poolside, you will never catch a Fashionista without her shades.

This Fashionista is rocking a pair of aviators, which is a very popular style. Her glasses have a silver wire frame, and are slightly tinted to protect her eyes. Although this Fashionista has her glasses perched on top of her head, that does not mean that they are not being used. Actually, it is quite the opposite as situating your sunglasses on top of your head not only helps keep the hair of your eyes, but the glasses also act as a cute hair accessory. I know that sounds silly, but it is true. Sunglasses are labeled as accessories, so why not treat them as such?

Her outfit helps complement the relaxed vibe that she has going on with her beachy curls and glasses. Her long sleeve white top is super cute and good for a stroll in the city. The pattern just screams summer, even though the shirt has long sleeves. The material is lace so it nice and light and it looks quite comfortable to wear, even on a hot summer day. Her black shorts are a nice contrast against the white top, and they help make her outfit look slightly polished, but still keep with the casual feel. Additionally, her black quilted purse not only looks roomy, but it looks great with her outfit.

Did you know that sunglass shapes flatter people differently? When buying sunglasses always try to buy glasses that have the opposite features of your face. For example, if your face is more square shaped, then reach for a pair of curvy frames. Conversely, square frames look the best on rounder faces. If your face is more of an oval shape, try a pair of rectangular frames to show off your high cheekbones, and if your face is heart shaped, reach for a pair of glasses that have wider bottoms, so you can elongate your face and draw more attention to your chin.

How To: It is not hard to achieve the look of this Fashionista. All that you have to do is get yourself a super cute pair of sunglasses, preferably a pair that flatter you the most. Then, just slip into a cute light-colored shirt and black shorts, and you will be all set to go!