ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sentimental Lady

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Sentimental Lady

Bobby Welch sang: “Sentimental gentle wind/Blowing through my life again/Sentimental lady/Gentle one.” These song lyrics conjure an image of sweet nostalgia. As mentioned in the majority of my pieces, I think it’s quite important to give clothes a second life for ecological and sentimental reasons. Unabashedly, I’d take home the gold medal for “Thriftiest” in the Hipster Olympic games. Recently, the trend in upcycling and repurposing has increased. We are more and more interested in how we can maximize the lifespan of everything we use, clothes included. Our culture’s angle of vision is set on sustainability.

The necklace you wore the first time you were kissed or the socks you won your first race in have a value that cannot be quantified or compared. This Fashionista wears a vintage, floral button-up shirt that belonged to her beloved late grandmother. How’s that for sentiment? Her ladylike, yet tough ensemble is flattering. The floral blouse paired with the high-waisted black jeans is visually interesting. Her mesh flats are remnants of the 1970s Jelly sandals trying to poke its way back into style. Vintage floral has been a staple of spring for the past few years. Vintage floral is so “in” that modern shops mimic the look with an “aged” floral where the material is purposefully washed out and abused.

Here’s a classic example of how fashion can be more than just aesthetically pleasing. Nothing lasts forever, but it sure is nice to have a physical token to commemorate a person or a time in your life. The commentary here is to honor the past.

Like an old song or a tender memory, sentiment turns the ordinary into extraordinary.

How To: Raid your grandmother’s (or grandfather’s) closet. Select a sweet, floral piece to incorporate in your wardrobe for spring.