ALL IN THE DETAILS: Mother Of Arm Cuffs

With the advent of spring, this Fashionista wasted no time whacking the dust off of her maxi dress to stun on her way to class. Despite the eye-catching patterns on her dress, it was her exotic arm cuff that struck me. 

The great thing about spring is that it is finally the time of year where you can shamelessly layer on the accessories. This Fashionista let her arm cuff take the spotlight of her outfit and it was truly one of the most interesting pieces of jewelry I have ever seen. It is going to be tough to get your hands on one of those babies, because it is handcrafted piece from Etsy that is made out of whatever materials the shop owner has at the time, which means each piece is one of a kind. I did some browsing and think I found the Etsy shop here.

What I especially loved about this Fashionista’s look was that the unique arm cuff lended her outfit a truly authentic source for that bohemian style. The linked, aged silver coins paint a whole backstory to her outfit and make it seem as though it were an ancient artifact she found at a Mayan excavation site. I may be romanticizing a bit, but since it was handcrafted it is not completely out of the realm of possibilities.

Nonetheless, this Fashionista, equipped with a flowy patterned maxi dress, strappy tan leather sandals and a killer arm cuff, managed to make an afternoon walk to class look like she was on exotic travels in a faraway land awaiting adventure.

How To: Don’t be intimidated by accessories. Throwing on a small piece of jewelry can really transform your entire outfit. I would pair an arm cuff with a flowy bohemian dress exactly the way this Fashionista did. Channel your inner Mother of Dragons vibes and style your outfit with Khalessi in mind.