I ran into to one of my favorite Fashionistas and had no choice but to photograph her military-chic ensemble. People tell me I am girly, but I would opt for slouchy military trousers like hers over skirts and dresses any day of the week.

There is something indescribably alluring about wearing clothes that have a tomboy flare. It’s almost like, “well I have conquered women’s fashions and now must level up to menswear.” It’s ironic, but sometimes dressing like a guy can make you feel like an empowered woman.

It’s no secret that the key to everything in clothes and most other things in life is balance. This Fashionista’s manly, slouched trousers and big black boots are complemented by the black crop top, the abundance of accessories and her flirty cat-eye sunnies

I love how this Fashionista seemed to have color coordinated the army green of her pants with her emerald-colored earrings and perhaps even the red of her lipstick with her freshly squeezed beet juice. Yup, beet juice. As her outfit and her choice of beverage will indicate, clearly she is hardcore. “If this juice doesn’t give me the power to stay awake for my 5-8:00 p.m., I don’t know what will!” she joked.

One my favorite things about her high-waisted military trousers is the tied waist. Most, if not all, of the pants I own that tie at the waist. In her case, the mock belt lends an organic sense of effortlessness to her look. It looks as though those pants could be worn both for combat or a day of boho fashion while traveling the beaches of South Africa. They are so chic and so versatile.

How To: Bored with your wardrobe and need some edge? Call up your guy friend, “borrow” their army pants and then forget to give them back. Layer on the accessories or go ham with the tomboy military look by pairing with a plain white T-shirt and some chic combat boots and you are sure to slay!