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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Maroon with a Message

January 17th, 2017 at 2:07am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Maroon with a Message

Winter in Georgia is a confusing time for its inhabitants. It can be a chore to find just the right outfit because the weather here is known for its ability to change in an instant. Temperatures often see drastic shifts in a matter of hours, so that a cold morning gives way to a perfectly sunny afternoon, which gives way to a chilly evening! Preparation is key to avoid burning up or freezing throughout the day. Therefore, it’s probably not surprising that the biggest secret to surviving a Georgia winter is dressing in layers.

The model here has the right idea, wearing an airy pink V-neck sweater and black plaid mini skirt with black leggings underneath. Over this is a maroon jacket with various patches and the words, “To be the only one for you” on the back.” A hood lined in caramel faux fur tops this warm accessory. The woman’s footwear of choice is both stylish and practical: they are white Adidas brand sneakers.

Not only is the outfit ideal for the weather, but it’s unique. The model’s jacket is riddled with attention-grabbing patches and phrases. One can’t help but try to read the back of the jacket as she passes (which is, not surprisingly, what first drew my attention to the outfit). The hood’s lining adds additional warmth to both the look and the wearer. The snowy sneakers also provide a chic athleticism to the outfit that contrasts nicely with the solid black leggings. It’s little details such as these that bring the whole look together.

Sometimes it’s hard to find an outfit that’s versatile yet voguish, but this Fashionista proves it’s totally possible. When the heat of the afternoon hits campus, all it will take is one swift movement to shed her jacket and she’ll be ready to go.