This look had me chasing this Fashionista down the street. For me, this outfit was all about simple and classic with a bit of personality. With the weekend bringing in some snow, it was perfect for running errands while staying stylish and comfy. Being all about the simple and minimalist look, I was instantly drawn to the all black outfit, yet what really caught my eye was how she accessorized it like a pro.

The layering of this outfit is perfect, with a simple black scarf layered over a large black coat, only revealing her faux-fur hood, with a pair of plain black leggings. She added a bit of contrast to the outfit with some platform white sneakers. However, what it was that made the outfit, and what stuck out to me initially, was her stunning purse—a gray, suede, loose tote with chain handles and detailing around the bag, which resembles a classic Stella McCartney bag.

Even some smaller pieces and details added to the outfit; on her hands she had a stacked gold rings and a white and gold manicure, which coordinated perfectly with her “lazy day” look. Nails can add some spark to any outfit, and this look allowed them to pop even more, especially with their edgy shape and design. These nails definitely had me craving to take a trip to the nail salon.

What’s so great about this outfit is how it all came together with just the right accessories and a cool pair of sneakers. We should all definitely take a cue from her when taking a chill day. Advice of the day: don’t be afraid to dress up a monochrome look with some cool accessories, and great nails always top off any look while also making us feel polished—pun intended.

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