ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lace and Lace-Ups

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Lace and Lace-Ups

Sometimes the hardest part of college is not the class; it’s getting to the class. When your linear algebra lesson is on the opposite side of campus, it can be tempting (and rightly so) to simply throw on a pair of tennis shoes and begin the trek towards your destination. Because of this, it may seem like you don’t have the option to dress in a way that is both comfortable and unique to you. After all, tradition dictates that sneakers go with jogging pants which go with T-shirts. But don’t close the closet door on your favorite dress just yet, for there is a solution.

The idea that wearing sneakers with a dress was socially acceptable really took off around 2014, when models representing multiple fashion powerhouses strutted down the runway in dresses paired with couture sneakers. Soon after, female feet across America sighed in relief as many girls traded in their heels for high tops. Today, it’s not uncommon to see celebrities like Rihanna wearing a dress with a fashionable pair of slip-ons. Not only is it functional, but it adds a sort of moxie to your look. Wearing Converse with your cut-off dress just adds a certain flair and unexpected element to the entire ensemble. Even brides have begun wearing custom-made kicks instead of traditional stilettos.

Lace is also a hot trend that continues to grace the runways. It’s girly and intricate, and a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. A gorgeous lace dress can convey a special kind of femininity, while also keeping you cool during the hotter months. But what, you may be asking yourself, does this little side-note have to do with sneakers?

I’ve captured a prime example of how two completely different styles can mesh together perfectly. This woman sports an off-white lace dress with gathered black underlay that peers out from the bottom. Her footwear? Killer Keds to complete the look. The final result is a delicate yet practical outfit that combines the best of both worlds.

So the next time you’re trying to decide between your favorite pair of tennis shoes and your summer-time dress, choose the look that will make you the happiest. Choose both.