Like a little song titled “Let It Snow” goes, the weather outside’s been frightful. Until recently, my fur-lined parka was my morning go-to, and my iced caramel coffee gradually became hot caramel coffee. But, something somewhat magical happened this week—the weather received quite an uplift. I was no longer dreadfully grabbing my parka; instead, I was ditching it for a denim jacket. Others and myself were wondering the same thing: is our Christmas gift this year an early spring?

With this spike in warm weather, the students of University Park have left their UGGs behind in their closets and replaced them with lace-up shoes and fall platform sneakers. This Fashionista is a representation of the fine weather State College has been receiving. What better way to express yourself than a graphic T-shirt? She pairs her cool graphic tank top with an even cooler light denim jacket (with sweatshirt sleeves and a hood to match), which is the perfect combination for a warmer day in the midst of a cold week. She ties the graphic tank top together with ripped, black jeans and quilted high-top sneakers. The jeans and sneakers really accentuate the graphic, giving the look a grunge, cool kid on the block feel. A different and trending accessory this season, the tassel necklace, is also worn by the Fashionista, which includes gray beads and a black tassel dangling across the graphic. This gives the look a very feminine twist. Even better, this Fashionista pairs her graphic tank top with a graphic beanie, which says, “Bad Hair Day.” While showing off this Fashionista’s funny side, this beanie also keeps her just the perfect amount of warm.

Graphic T-shirts, beanies, sweaters and even sweatshirts are amazing staples to hang up in any closet. They are a form of expressing oneself, and they also look super stylish while doing so. To me, that’s what fashion and more importantly style are all about. As Rachel Zoe once said, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” As one of the current Queens of style, Zoe would agree that wearing graphic apparel is a style that definitely expresses and reflects oneself.

How To: Unsure if you can rock your favorite summer graphic shirt this winter? Don’t be afraid to wear your spring, summer or fall graphic T-shirt on cooler days. Pair them on warmer days with a denim or leather jacket and on cooler days, with a parka or ski jacket.