There’s something sweet (and faintly sexist, according the budding feminists on campus) about a skirt.

As a young girl, I was taught that there was nothing a ponytail, sandals and a good skirt couldn’t fix. When you’re a young girl, appearances matter. In America, the skirt is a symbol of woman. In most cases, it is a symbol of femininity and domestication. A young girl in a full skirt is as sweet as a flower blossoming in the spring. Not all skirts were created equal, however. The tweed pencil skirt is for Corporate America. The mid-length, flowy skirt is for hot weather adventures. The mini skirt equals night out with friends.

However, the grandmother of all skirt styles is the full, A-line skirt. There’s nothing more classic.

This Fashionista wears a simple, flattering ensemble. Her black skirt fits nicely at the waist giving the appearance of a proportionate silhouette. Her button-down blouse is geometrically-patterned with navy and pink emblems. The pointed, black flats save the outfit from being in complete costume territory.

The full skirt trend is here to stay for spring.

Now that I’ve gotten older, appearances matter less. There are things that ponytails, sandals, and good skirts can’t fix. However, this logic doesn’t trump how good it feels to wear something that ignites a feeling of intrinsic femininity.

How To: This Fashionista dug in her mother’s closet for this gem. Before you go out and buy a version of this skirt that was created solely for the trend, look for the real deal. It probably exists in the closets of your aunts, mother or grandmothers.