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ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fancy (Sweat)pants

Lately I’ve been thinking about how girls have boyfriends jeans for a go-to comfortable option that adds a sense of effortlessness to their style. What do guys have? As The Mindy Project so expertly depicted in season one, it would nearly be a crime against humanity if boyfriends were to wear our jeans, or “girlfriend jeans,” so to speak. The exchange is thankfully not a two way street.

I have seen guys who wear jeans tighter than mine and although they admittedly can work them better than me, I cringe with sympathy for them—everyone knows that finding a truly comfortable pair of skinny heans can be a feat harder than finding the holy grail!

So where does that leave guys in the hunt for comfortable, effortless and stylish bottoms? That is where the jogger pant comes in. I suspect that the trendy jogger pant,” not unlike the light bulb, was an invention born from desperate necessity.

I spotted this Fashionisto on his way to class clad in some joggers and I knew that he knew exactly what he was doing. Joggers are so comfortable and are even trending a lot in women’s fashion. Their skinny-ish fit makes them much more socially acceptable than going out in pajamas, sweatpants or yoga pants, and girls can dress them up with heels while guys can dress them up in the same way this Fashionisto did.

This Fashionisto dressed up his joggers with some classic closet staples for men; a leather jacket and leather loafer shoes. I am such a sucker for leather, I literally have leather pants, skirts, shirts, jackets, shoes and even dresses in my closet! As I gushed over his Members Only leather jacket, he said his mom got it for him for Christmas—how cute is that? His camel-colored loafers also helped balance the formal and casual elements in his outfit.

I also really liked his tartan print scarf. Jewel-toned tartan prints are always trending for fall and winter styles and I was so impressed to see him wearing this—I regretfully haven’t seen many guys on campus take advantage of the heating power of scarves.

How To: I know many guys and girls have the urge to just sort of roll or fall off their dorm bed and sleepwalk to their 7:30 a.m. class in their pajamas, and guess what? Joggers will give you the freedom to do just that! Throw on a coat, a denim jacket or leather jacket and maybe pair it with sneakers, loafers or boots and head out the door! You are sure to look effortlessly chic and will get to mock the person wearing pajamas to class while secretly doing the same.