WHAT TO WEAR: Traveling

What to Wear

Creating an outfit fit for travel is one of the hardest challenges a Fashionista can face. When faced with one’s overflowing closet it’s hard to be both cute and comfortable. Many when face with this challenge simply give up the hope of being cute and slide into a pair pajama bottoms and a college hoodie. For some, travel wear is synonymous with pajamas. Handling heavy luggage, waiting in the cold for buses and spending hours in cramped seats it’s understandable why a person would give up the hope of being cute.

But a Fashionista doesn’t have to give up faith. It may be difficult to dress cute but it’s not impossible. First, keep it simple. Wearing high heels while traveling may be admirable but it’s certainly not a practical choice for most. Being cute doesn’t mean you need to dress particularly fancy or complex.This week’s Fashionista demonstrates this perfectly with her simple coupling of leggings and a polka-dot jacket.

The polka-dot jacket is the key to this outfit. It is cute but easy to maneuver in. Its smart for every Fashionista to invest in outerwear. Being from the Midwest I can speak from experience and say some of your fellow students may only be able to recognize you by your jacket in the cold months of winter and spring. So it’s important to make the purchase of a jacket an important one.

Traveling fashionably doesn’t have to be hard. Put your pajama pants back in the closet and leave your stilettos with them. Take a deep breath and stick with your essentials. A cute coat and a comfortable pair of leggings, you’ll never go wrong.

One Simple Change: You’re traveling to meet the parents of your good friend and want to make a good impression. All you have to do is add a contrast collar sleeveless blouse and wear your jacket open. Dress it up a little bit more with a pair of silver earrings. Now you’re ready to meet the parents.


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