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Love and hate relationships. Although most of them pertain to a person’s love life, they can also arise when it comes to exercising. Everyone has those days when they feel motivated to get up and go for a run, jump in a pool or play a pickup game of basketball. Some people make exercise part of their daily routine, while some make time for it when they know spring break, a beach weekend or summer break is approaching. Similar to those love hate relationships exercise has its benefits and drawbacks. No matter how many times you wake up and go to the gym, rolling out of bed will always seem like the greatest challenge of the day. However, nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment after tackling a tough workout.

Everyone can approach exercise differently. Some people will prefer to throw on a pair of tennis shoes and go for a run outside. Other people would rather jump of a cliff than go on a long run. Luckily, there are endless possibilities when if comes to exercise.

This Fashionisto choose a bike as his main accessory. As a little kid, you learn to ride a bike, beginning with training wheels and working your way up to a two-wheeler. However most people stop there, never even considering if there is a level beyond that. This Fashionisto discovered the whole new world of racing this year at Indiana University, where they hold the Little 500 race annually. He joined the Black Key Bulls and trained throughout the year for the Little 500 race. His team’s hard work paid off as they won the race this year, making it the first time that an unaffiliated team had ever won.

When it comes to biking attire, it is similar to swimming attire that you would see in the Olympics. It is form fitting in order to decrease friction therefore increasing the rider’s speed. In the race world, every team has a different uniform. The yellow and black on this is perfect for road races as it is the easiest color combination to see by eye. His Oakley glasses are perfect for rides as they act as a shield for the elements. They also complement the red on his bike perfectly. Another crucial accessory to this outfit is his helmet, which is not only great for protecting head injury, but it is also a way that riders can add a hint of their own personality to their attire.

One Simple Change: Keep the running shoes and change into a t-shirt and shorts, and this Fashionisto would be ready to hit the gym.


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