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As finals have ended and summertime has begun in full force, it is easy to let the lazy summer days float by and allow your productivity level to hit an all-time low. Although some of us do indeed have less on our to-do lists for the summer, it is important to still maintain a routine in order to keep your summer filled with happiness and good health. A great way to do this is by working out. It doesn’t have to be every day, but a good amount of exercise is always a great way to keep your free time productive, and it’s good for you too! This Fashionista shows you how to look stylish on your way to the gym.

She wears a white athletic tank and lululemon pink and black crop yoga pants. The tank is awesome for obvious reasons: keeping her arms cool and ready to go as she works out. However, the athletic material that helps to wick away sweat is an added bonus and a must-have for a productive trip to the gym. I also love the way the pink accents on her yoga pants add a little touch of unique style to her work out look. When choosing what to wear to the gym it is almost natural to throw on an old  T-shirt and baggy sweats. But choosing pieces that are more formfitting will help you tone and get healthy while looking great too!

She pairs her corresponding tank and yoga look with a green infinity scarf and black Ray-Ban sunglasses. Although it is probably not the best idea to wear the scarf while exercising, it is nice to have some added warmth that is less burdensome than a jacket. And the Ray-Bans will help keep her eyes cool and protected as well. She then sports a pair of black Converse high tops. Again, these are definitely not the proper footwear for working out. However, it is always best to wear different shoes on your way to the gym so that your work out shoes do not become a slippery or messy hazard. And the color of her Converse help tie her ensemble together perfectly.

When it comes to work out gear, finding styles that make you feel comfortable and ready to work is definitely key. And accessorizing a bit for your travel to the gym is a great way to add some stylish fun to your exercise ensemble.

One Simple Change: After you are done working out, it may be necessary to let off a little steam with some hardcore shopping. Simply exchange the tank with a plain white V-neck and you will be good to go for a day-long shopping spree!


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