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Now is about that time when New Year’s resolutions start to drift off and we begin to consume ourselves with work and school and not take the much needed time to focus on ourselves. I don’t like to consider myself the resolution type, because unfortunately they do get a bad rap for not sticking through the end of February, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t working out much more since the beginning of the year. My friend and I have this sort of insane idea of working out every single day and while that is totally normal for a large amount of people, I’ve never been the athletic type. I mostly just hate the grossness of working out (because when you think about it it’s germ city), but this week’s Fashionista reminded me of a silver lining, that is, cute gym wear.

This Fashionista understands the power of a pop of color, which during these dreary months is always appreciated. She wears a Nike baseball hat, a bright pink and tan scarf and highlighter yellow tennis shoes. Also, her gym bag is the best version of a gym bag I’ve seen! It’s so easy to just throw you’re things into an oversized canvas tote, but taking a second and just using your biggest bag makes for a much more pulled together look that can really be carried with you for running errands after the gym. Her scarf and shoes are such awesome pops of color, exactly the right kind of energy you need on your way to the gym.

One Simple Change: Going to the gym is tough, because it generally requires some amount of clean up afterwards. However, if you bring the necessary items with you to the gym, simply switching out your tennis shoes for a pair of boots should work for heading to class. Black workout pants can work as leggings and the shoe change is more than enough to disguise that you were just at the gym! Well, you may want to also throw on some perfume too, or perhaps a fun lip color, but that’s up to you.


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