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Who said you can’t look good while working out? Just because you’re losing weight doesn’t mean you suddenly have to lose your fashion sense! Actually, recent trends in fitness apparel have been telling women they should look good at the gym. With our busy lives, we’re always on the run going from place to place. It’s important to be comfortable and versatile when choosing an outfit for the day since some students don’t get back to their dorm room until late at night. This Fashionista’s outfit can be worn for multiple occasions besides just working out. It’s perfect for class, running errands or just a busy nonstop day.

You can never have too many pairs, they’re the most comfortable pants you own, they go with pretty much everything and they’re a girl’s best friend: leggings. Seriously, whoever decided to bring back leggings from the ’80s, you rock. This Fashionista’s cropped leggings are perfect for any exercise at the gym.

I think it’s an unwritten rule that if you’re a girl and you like to work out, you absolutely have to own a bright pair of Nike sneakers. At least that’s what it seems like when I walk into the White Building and am blinded by the array of neon sneakers every girl is sporting. I’m not a huge gym go-er, but I like to think I can convince people I am by wearing a pair of Nike’s with tons of bright colors. Especially being a Penn State student, you’ll want to wear the nicest sneakers you own to impress Mike the Mailman so he’ll let you cut the line at the post office. The brighter the sneakers the better, and if you match them to your zip-up jacket, people know you mean business. But, like this Fashionista, you can still rock a cute gym outfit even when you don’t match perfectly.

Bright colors are not just for spring and summer. Winter colors get so dreary and boring once February rolls around. Bust out some bright yellows, pinks and oranges to add a little fun to your outfit and possibly boost your mood. Personally, I always feel happier when I wear bright colors. I love how this Fashionista paired a bright mint green zip-up with neon coral shoelaces. She balances her bright jacket and shoes with solid black leggings and a black tank so that the neon doesn’t overpower her look. Wear a cute printed tank top like this Fashionista and people may not even know you were just sweating for an hour at the gym.

One Simple Change: Looking for an even more bold look? Wear a pair of foldover leggings instead of plain black ones to stand out among the crowd during yoga class. lululemon has tons of cute patterns for fold-over shorts, leggings and yoga pants. A longer pair of leggings would be more ideal for this cold weather and running errands after class.


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