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As the New Year begins, so do the New Year’s resolutions and as always, one of the most common resolutions people make is to hit the gym and start eating right. With the gym becoming overcrowded and the lines for the machines lengthening, it can be rather frustrating. The one silver lining to it all though is: new work out clothes. With the holidays just ending, every girl is stocking up on their new athletic gear and strutting around campus in their new Nike’s and lululemon yoga pants, if not actually working out in them.

This Fashionista was no exception as I spotted her walking to the gym. She caught my eye because while she was in gym attire; she still managed to look very trendy and well put-together. This Fashionista was spotted wearing a blue lululemon tank top, black lululemon yoga pants, and a pair of black and gray Nike running shoes. While people work out to stay healthy and build muscle, it doesn’t mean they can’t look good while they do it. Workout apparel has become very popular amongst college campuses, especially at the University of Arizona, due to the warm climate. Students wear their workout apparel to many other places besides the gym, including class, because it is an easy way to dress comfortably while still looking put-together. As the demand for workout attire has increased, so has the styles, colors and patterns that the apparel comes in. With workout apparel becoming such a big part of everyone’s lives, there’s no question that we will be seeing more and more people dressed for success as they head to the gym.

One Simple Change: If you are looking for workout apparel for a colder climate simply trade in this Fashionista’s tank top for a comfortable hoodie.


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