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Working out in college can sometimes be a challenge. With days where classes are back to back to back or six page papers are due, life can get pretty hectic. With that being said, as true Fashionistas and Fashionistos we need to be able to adapt our wardrobes to any environment or situation. The Fashionisto featured is the perfect example of this, as he is dressed to go to the gym, but could just as easily wear this outfit to class, eating at the dining hall or a study group.

In order to have adaptability in a workout outfit, it must be comfortable and fashionable. This Fashionisto’s black Under Armour “warm-up pants” are loose fit, stretchy and simple in design. His bold red Puma hoodie gives the outfit a pop of color, but still maintains a comfortable appeal. The final elements to his ensemble are the accessories. His aviator Ray-Bans are the most stylish approach to working out outside, or just to wear on your walk to the gym because of their classic, always chic look. His basic black Nike running shoes complete the look entirely and pull it all together.

My favorite places to shop for fashionable active clothes are Target and Nike. Target has a wide variety of styles, while not being too out of my budget. The colors and patterns are always interesting and keep the idea of working out in a fun light. Nike, although slightly on the expensive side, always has the best quality of gear and never fails to get me motivated to workout. However, no matter the brand, workout attire can come from any store or designer, but how you put it together is what’s important.

Even though working out is meant for sweating and improving our physical bodies, nobody said we couldn’t look good while doing it. Sometimes looking good even helps result in feeling good or maximizing our workout efforts. So Fashionistas/os pick out your boldest, most comfortable stylish workout clothes and get yourself to the gym this winter.

One Simple Change: Swap the pull-over hoodie for a zip up one so if you get overheated at the gym it’ll be a simple task to take it off during your workout.


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