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When midterms roll around we tend to let things slip out of our schedule. While we are writing tomorrow’s to-do list, we stutter on the things that didn’t make the cut that day. Yes, this includes the workouts—the thing that takes a good three hours of your day. I mean think about it. You have to change, go to the gym, go up the stairs to the cardio room, run/warm up, go to the hour long class (so you feel like you got a good hour in at least), put all the equipment away, come home and, of course, don’t forget showering and getting ready for the day. Who has time for all that? YOU DO. What if we cut out all the excuses and condensed the way we think of our workouts? You could think of it in two ways: you go to bed early wearing workout clothes and hop right out of bed in the morning to get your workout in before starting your day! Or you could go about it like this Fashionista did. This Fashionista is dressed cute, classy, comfy and more importantly, yoga-ready.

Something like a pair of shoes or a yoga mat are easy things to grab along with you for the day. Simply throw them in your bag and head on your way to class and then to the gym. Now that you have those essentials, you can’t forget your outfit. This Fashionista is wearing a perfect class-appropriate workout outfit. The cozy yoga pants and loose full sleeve allow you to be comfortable at the library while not having to shed many layers when you hit the gym.

This outfit is specifically perfect for the gym because when you are warming up you can keep on your layers and when you heat up during cardio, you can just slip off the long sleeves. The attire is also nice and flexible for classes such as yoga or Pilates. Victoria’s Secret PINK has great yoga wear, as seen on this Fashionista. For something a little more affordable, try places like Forever 21.

To top it off, this Fashionista has her hair pulled back. This is an essential part of workout wear. Having a cute styled up-do when you are ready for the day and later transitioning into your workout makes you look good and feel great. Try a French braid for long hair like this Fashionista or a ponytail with a cute headband for shorter hair. There’s so much you could do to look good and feel great at the gym, so start now!

One Simple Change: Loose the yoga mat and throw on a shoulder bag to run some errands in comfy attire!


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