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It’s that time of the year… we all have promised to eat nothing but healthy foods and compromised our calendars with daily visits to the gym. It is very common to find students walking around campus wearing workout clothes throughout the year but these first few weeks are exceptionally different; it seems like almost everyone has been visiting the gym, or at least trying to. Must be part of everyone’s New Year’s resolution. So what exactly makes this Fashionista different from the rest? Well, I thought it was obvious…

This week’s Fashionista did something that most of us always try to accomplish but usually fail to do: look stylish even when wearing running shoes. What’s the best part of it all? She only accomplished this by adding a black premium padded vest and large black scarf. The gray sweater, vest and scarf kept her warm throughout the day. Once going to the gym, taking care of these extra layers of clothes should not be a problem—one can always leave one’s belongings in a locker inside the gym’s locker room. Her black Nike leggings and shoes are extremely comfortable to walk around as well… how can they not be if they were made to work out? Also, let’s not forget about the sunglasses… Arizona’s sun always shines bright so wearing sunglasses is crucial. This week’s Fashionista’s chose oversized red aviator sunglasses. A little pop of color is always welcome.

One Simple Change: If you don’t like the “gym look” for an ordinary day in school, you can simply replace the running shoes with sandals or flats, depending on the weather. It is very common to see college girls wearing leggings with cute t-shirts so no one will even tell you will hit the gym right after class!


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