WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Night Out

What to Wear

Skorts hold a special place in my heart. I went to a private school for part of my childhood and the girls were forced to wear dresses or skirts, everyday. Even though now I love dresses and skirts, as a eight year old I despised them. Wearing a skirt meant that during recess I couldn’t hang upside down on the monkey bars or do cartwheels in the playground, without being yelled at by my teacher for indecent exposure. But my eight year old life changed dramatically when I found the wonderful beauty of skorts.

This Fashionista brings back my one childhood fashion essential, skorts. Skorts are the perfect clothing item to wear for a night out. They provide the classiness a skirt offers but allows you the mobility if you decide to do anything especially adventurous that night.

Yet no matter how great skorts are, it is strongly encouraged that you wear not only skorts outside, but especially in the winter. This Fashionista complements her black and navy blue outfit fabulously with a floral scarf. This colorful scarf provides great contrast with her black shirt.

This outfit is great for a winter night out. It provides sophistication without any of the limits. You can look great at a party then be ready to race your friend back to the dorm, both of you probably trying to get out of the cold as fast as possible. With skorts one can look royal but still be rambunctious.

One Simple Change: Oh no! You woke up at in your friend’s room after your winter night out and have an interview but don’t have time to change? What do you do? Relax. Just borrow a sleek black trench coat from your friend and replace your scarf with a simple silver collar necklace. Grab a hair clip and pull your hair back. Take a deep breath. Walk out the door and rock your interview.


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