WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Night Out

What to Wear

Tired of wearing the same old big sweater and leggings combo? Sometimes when the weather is dreadfully cold it is very easy to get into a “fashion rut,” as I like to say. You’re not alone Fashionistas/os, I constantly battle with the ever popular “What am I going to wear?” question. Now, although this applies to everyday, one event that in especially worthy of debate, is a night out with friends. At this time of year, it is cold (in most places) and the number of students on campus who are sick is skyrocketing, if it hasn’t already! That’s why I pulled aside this Fashionista to help me figure out how to stay cool (and warm!) for a night out back on campus.

Ladies and gents, black is back. Okay, so maybe it was never “out,” but I do tend to rely on this color at this time of year when the only thing you want to do in climb into your bed with a hot cup of tea and watch Friends re-runs…or is that just me? The great thing about black is that it goes with everything and there is very little effort that goes into creating a stunningly chic outfit. Take Anna, for example. She has paired a basic, yet trendy pair of jeans with a fun, printed sweater with neat detailing. Adding a leather jacket is the perfect touch for the tough girl look. For interesting touches, try playing up the accessories by adding big earrings to accentuate the outfit. Put on a comfy pair of boots; make sure they are the same color as the primary color of your outfit (i.e. black boots with mostly black outfit, brown boots with mostly brown), some of your favorite lip gloss and you’re ready for whatever party comes your way! With an outfit like this, you will be comfortable, stylish and a lot warmer than if you had decided to wear that sleeveless dress you were thinking about.

You will be sure to turn heads when you walk through that fraternity house door! Not only is this outfit comfy and cute, it will have people demanding to know your style secrets. After all, isn’t that what we all want?!

One Simple Change: Meeting friends for lunch after class and don’t want to look too hardcore for them? Instead of a leather jacket, throw on a black boyfriend blazer. This will put your outfit on the cusps of polished and edgy.


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