WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Night Out

What to Wear

Get ready to glitz, glam and sparkle because winter is here! As we settle in back home for winter break we prepare for family traditions and festivities. A big part of these celebrations is the holidays. As invitations pile up in the mail, everyone is faced with the same dilemma: what am I going to wear?

This Fashionista hails from Sarah Lawrence College, is twenty minutes from Manhattan, New York. There is no place like Manhattan in the winter. Between the windows on 5th avenue and the windows at Saks, fashion is everywhere. It is impossible not to be inspired.

Dressing for a winter night out is all about standing out from the crowd. Anyone can show up in a trench coat and an LBD, but it is the Fashionista/o that will choose to be daring. Combining different patterns and fabrics makes her innovative and different. Choosing a black and white stripe pattern on the skirt is an immediate showstopper. The skirt is made of a flouncy fabric that already has a lot of character. It is without a doubt the statement piece. It is also important to note that the skirt is high-waisted, adding a nice proportion to the outfit. The crop top this Fashionista chose is made up of a lace fabric that is more than appropriate for a winter night out. Lace is a classic fabric for winter and choosing black adds a sophisticated element for a night out. To keep warm, this Fashionista chose a black faux fur. Throughout history, furs resemble status and wealth. This Fashionista is no exception. The fur adds a hint of elegance to complete the look.

This outfit is all about proportion. Pairing a knee-length skirt with a crop top is unconventional. However, the length of the skirt counterbalances the lack of fabric on top. Crop tops are considered a major trend this season. Vogue quoted them as, “The summer trend that just won’t back down.”

My favorite part of this outfit is the least noticeable. This Fashionista ties her entire outfit together with a pair of black and white striped mittens that match her flouncy skirt. There are rules when it comes to matching. Two big pieces that are matching tend to be overwhelming. Choosing a small component to match a statement piece such as these mittens shows you have put in real thought about the cohesiveness of your outfit.

Celebrate winter break with these new found tips. Take risks, but make sure it does not overwhelm your outfit, and enjoy your winter nights out in style!

One Simple Change: Headed to a holiday event? Swap the black boots out for a pair of sparkly pumps!


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