WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Break

What to Wear

With the weather reaching lows of seven degrees it’s important to bundle up at all times, but not be swallowed by our layers and thick fabrics. With the season of bulky sweaters and puffy jackets carrying on its important to memorize a few tricks. First, accessorizing is KEY to this season. Long necklaces, cute hats, sparkly studs and funky gloves can be found in the outfit choices of any Fashionista. Another tip is to always opt for colors that compliment not only the season, but the skintone. Instead of light pastels, opt for dark and neutral colors this season.

This Fashionista has chosen to wear an olive green oversized sweater paired with black leggings and tall leather boots. Her accessories include a headband, dramatic long necklaces, and red nails for a pop of color.

The olive color of the sweater has been a popular find throughout fall 2013 and winter 2014. Unlike springtime style, the winter style is all about finding colors that flatter our not-so sun-kissed skin. Olive green as well as burgundy and dark purple are some fall/winter colors that complement winter complexions.

Of course, every girl loves to accessorize no matter what season. The J.Crew necklaces that this Fashionista wears helps to elongate her figure.

This winter break it has been consistently cold, but that doesn’t mean the Fashionistas/os at Temple need to sacrifice. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize and bundle up!

One Simple Change: Add an accessory that compliments your body. For example, a long necklace will slim the torso, big earrings or a short statement necklace will focus the face and a chunky bracelet will lessen the business of the upper body.


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