WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Break

What to Wear

Baby it’s cold outside! But seriously, it’s freezing, and all I’ve got keeping me warm is a grande nonfat latte (so much for those Christmas songs predicting a winter romance). Despite the chilly temps, I think we are all happy to be saying sayonara to the fall semester. As for me, my impending graduation is scary enough but, now it’s time to focus on winter break.

Unlike most New Yorkers I can actually admit that winter is my favorite season. There is something about the crisp, cool and snowy air that puts a smile on my face. Plus, I really don’t mind being stuck inside with the newest copy of Vogue in one hand and some Starbucks in the other. However, when I do have to venture outside, I always make sure I do it in style.

Winter break is the perfect time to showcase your favorite outdoor items. Who says gloves and a hat aren’t a great accessory? Trust me, if bundling up in a new scarf and a beanie is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.

A long winter coat is a great place to start for winter wear. It is sleek and flattering on all body types (not to mention well insulated). It is not the worst thing covering up a cute outfit if you’re doing it with a great winter-coat. And of course, leaving the house without a hat is a huge no-no. It’s perfect for protecting your hair from those unexpected snowstorms. While the beanie shown here is vintage ’90s from the Super Bowl, several retailers are making similar products.

So, while the snow is still falling, strut your stuff in a pair of your favorite snow boots and head outside for a walk. If it puts a smile on my face, I hope it puts one on yours too. Take advantage of free time during winter break to get out and do some new winter activities with friends and family, it will keep you happy until we’re all hitting the books next semester.

One Simple Change: Swap the scarf for a turtleneck sweater. They were spotted on a lot of runways this year and can keep you just as warm.


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