WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Break

What to Wear

The first finals week of the year is over and now is the time to enjoy our brief break from problem sets and 1930s poetry anthologies, flee the library and lick our academic wounds by drinking endless cups of tea or celebrate victory over the semester before gearing up for the next one. While I plan on spending many hours on the couch with The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, indefinitely paused since the summer, I also plan on leaving frequently to see friends and other loved ones. While I don’t really believe in altering the effort you put into what you wear based on circumstances (read: excuses) such as being on break or finals or feeling under the weather, winter break can be difficult because we generally don’t have access to our full closets (assuming you keep most of your clothes at school like I do). Without fail, I end up wearing versions of, and sometimes exactly, the same outfit everyday. This consists of white V-necks, high-waisted pants — possibly torn — Converse or Frye boots and a wool sweater that I bought in London and wore every day last winter and so far have continued to do so this season.

This Fashionista is pretty much my hero because the day I spotted her there was a high of 16-degrees and a low of zero-degrees. In a sea of miserably cold looking people all bundled in long, dark down jackets and even darker hats and snow boots, she stood apart in her winter white cardigan, booties and woven bag. Her outfit is actually rather similar to my winter break go-to, but she definitely has more courage than I do in order to tackle the icy, slushy sidewalks in heeled booties.

Her thick knit is by far my favorite part of her outfit, probably non-coincidentally because it resembles my own beloved cardigan. These types of thick sweaters are perfect because they are extremely warm on their own, but also layer really well even under tighter jackets. Combined with an infinity scarf, this is the coziest curled-up-with-a-book to oh-no-I’m-running-late-to-dinner look.

One Simple Change: Swap the small woven bag for a larger one and you’re set for a day of shopping with all your snacks and amenities at the ready.

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