WHAT TO WEAR: Welcome Week

What to Wear

As we all know, the first day of class each semester is a roller coaster of emotions. First of all, you wake up feeling inspired and confident because you are determined to rule the school this semester, then you get the excitement of meeting new people in class. After that, you get anxious because you might have to rush to classroom and you don’t want your coffee spilled all over your outfit because some guy running to basketball practice did not notice you walking the opposite way! But wait, what outfit? What am I going to wear? Do not panic! This Fashionista has all the answers.

She did not stress this morning because she knew that whatever she ended up wearing, she had the most important item to pop, her backpack! Who says you can’t use your school backpack to steal all looks? While you have your eyes in front to enchant that cute boy in class, your backpack will be the talk of the school behind your back, and we mean this in a good way.

As for the outfit, last semester we talked about navy being the new black and I am so happy to continue to spot this trend among the students because it takes away the sobriety of a monochromatic look. The quilted jacket goes perfect with the mid-rain boots. In Boston, weather is so unpredictable and I think this Fashionista created a cute outfit while being prepared for the rainy afternoon.

Stand out this spring semester with the funkiest backpack you can find, it can say so much about your personality and what better way to express yourself than through fashion!! Let your backpack speak for you. There are so many prints like galactic, tribal and even animal print with studs for the adventurous ones!

One Simple Change: For a sunny day at the park, ditch the rain boots and jacket and go for comfy oxfords and cardigan. Use your backpack to store all the goodies for a picnic afternoon!


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