WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

What to Wear

Classes have barely started and I’m already missing being in bed, snuggling under my comforter and dreaming myself away onto a beach in the middle of paradise with a piña colada. I’ve never been a winter kind of gal; I just wasn’t made for it. My mood is determined by the way I feel when I look out my window every morning.

Now that I’m back in Boston, Saturdays are the only days I can do whatever I want without being restricted by homework and job-searching. I usually sleep in, pretending like I have nothing to do until it hits me that I’m being useless and wasting my time. Right around the time I begin wondering what I’ve been doing for the past four hours, I decide it’s time to get outside of my building, even if it’s just for a walk around the block. Now, despite what you may think of me at this point, I’m not as lazy as I’ve led on. Sure, I enjoy staying in my pajamas for as long as humanly possible, but not more than the average college student.

This Fashionista reminded me of the importance of looking good no matter where you’re going. Some of you may think this is a bit of a shallow perspective, but I’m a firm believer that you attract what you put out. If you dress like a slob, people will take you for a sloppy kind of person. I know, “Who cares what other people think?” For me, it isn’t about other people; it’s about respecting yourself and the kind of person you know you are. That’s why I always like to look nice before I go anywhere, even if I just throw on some blush, eyeliner, an oversized blouse and a pair of leggings. If I look good, I feel good, regardless of what other people think of me.

This statement even goes for wintery weekends when I don’t particularly feel like going outside. A pair of comfy black leggings are the gods’ gift to Saturdays. This Fashionista styled her outfit with a simple blouse and a button-down underneath an adorable cable knit cardigan. She cinched the waist of her outfit with a braided belt and matched it with her leather purse. The patent leather flats are a great finish to a simple outfit for a stroll around the city.

ONE SIMPLE CHANGE: If you’re planning on having a nice dinner at one of Newbury Street’s many restaurants, lose the blouse and button-down and add a tunic top to class up your outfit. Depending on how well you do in heels, you can switch your ballet flats for a nice pair of pumps.


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