WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

What to Wear

Weekends at Swarthmore can be hot or cold. Some weekends are filled with events from movie screenings to plays to concerts. Others can, quite honestly, be pretty bland. However, weekends are a great time to break away from the clean-cut look often necessary for class. This Fashionista looks beautiful and even a little bit bohemian.

Okay, so lets start with the bandana. The purple matches her skin tone nicely, keeps hair out of her eyes (serious problem for women with luscious hair, really) and is something unique and eye-catching. It makes the entire outfit seem pretty earthy. I dig it.

Even though I like her dark winter jacket (especially the silver buttons), her outfit underneath is what really pulls it all together. She is sporting a brown leather jacket with a few ruffles. The lighter brown leather is different from the usual black, and contributes to the general bohemian tone. In addition, she has cute ruffles on her green and gold blouse underneath.

Ruffles on ruffles can draw attention to the collarbone. The underlying tone of gold makes the shirt more eye-catching with a little bit of sparkle. She ends with a dark wash pair of jeans and black boots. The tops of the boots are kind of rough, which complements her general style and color scheme. Keep the jeans dark with a dark pair of boots. The entire bohemian feel is prevalent throughout her entire outfit.

Her accessories bring everything together though. Her clock necklace drew my attention. Necklaces with large stones or gems tend to look better with long chains. In addition, her earrings caught my eye as she was passing by. She kept a pattern of gold and silver underlying her outfit, as demonstrated by her earrings (which apparently do not require a piercing).

In general, this outfit is perfect for a casual walk in Crum Woods or hanging out with friends. This Fashionista looks unique and cute. Remember to accessorize to really make an outfit eye-catching.

One Simple Change: Exchange the green, ruffled shirt for a black T-shirt to wear to class.


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