WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

What to Wear

What do you imagine when you picture a typical college girl’s weekend? Surely, most answers would involve some sort of partying, but have we forgotten about the daytime? The nice thing about college towns is that they typically have a really lovely, really fun downtown area for students to hang out and get away from campus. Here on weekends at Cal Poly, if we’re not cramming for finals in the library or our rooms, we would be out grabbing coffee with some friends, doing some window shopping or, for some, go to church.

There’s a very large Christian community here, so last week, plenty of students planned to go to an Ash Wednesday mass in between their Wednesday classes, like this Fashionista. She successfully turned “Sunday best” into a cute, feminine ensemble, perfect to tackle the weekend and follow her faith.

Starting from the bottom, her adorable, heeled combat boots grabbed my attention immediately (I’m one of those people that judge by shoes) and they add just a touch of edge to an otherwise totally feminine outfit. Her blue jeans add nice color to her outfit, and under that super cute beige cardigan is an even more adorable white blouse, complete with lace detailing. And to top it all off, appropriately for the occasion she was headed, was her lovely teal cross necklace—a simple accessory that makes a large statement.

One Simple Change:  All you would have to do is lose the cardigan and switch in some pastel-colored or floral-printed shorts and you’re ready for any Heat Wave California tries to throw at you this spring. But like Miranda Priestly says, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”


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