WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

What to Wear

The one thought constantly encompassing our minds as college students after a stressful week of school always remains the same: “Is it the weekend yet?”. The two utterly blissful days of doing pretty much whatever we want is the ideal reward for working so hard for five continuous days. Whether we are rushing home to put on our comfy clothes for watching endless Netflix marathons or dressing up to hang out with friends, the weekends are a time to focus on relaxing and having fun. Not to mention, weekends are the perfect time to experiment with trends just like the fearless duo I saw this Fashionista modeling.

Cookies and milk, Bonnie and Clyde, denim and…denim? Yep, this fashion-forward trend requires a little bit of repetition. I spotted this Fashionista heading to her last class of the day before starting her weekend. She flawlessly pulled off a trend that could have quickly downward spiraled into a look straight from the ’80s (and not in a good way). Denim on denim has often been referred to as old-school and matchy-matchy, but who knew it would make such a perfect pair? This Fashionista gives a whole new meaning to the once tired look. Instead of finding identical washes she opted to playfully pair a light wash button-down with a dark ink colored jean. Brilliantly choosing two completely different washes breaks up the head to toe denim for a boho chic look, opposed to something resembling a character out of a Full House episode.

I have a weakness for really fantastic shoes. Let’s be honest, shoes can make or break an outfit. In this case, this Fashionista’s shoes are the ideal addition to dress up a usually casual look. On the weekends, anything can happen, so wearing shoes with a bit of a height can make all the difference. I also love these wedges as an alternative for warmer weather to complement any weekend occasion.

Another accessory I admired in this Fashionista trendsetting look was her layered necklace combination. This killer look is elegant and unique, standing out in a sea of statement necklaces. I am often a dedicated advocate for statement necklaces, but this Fashionista equally dresses up her look with dainty layered jewels that soften her denim on denim attire. It is an effortless way to wear your favorite necklaces while simutaniously creating endless possibilities of original and individualized combinations.

Be daring like this Fashionista and try out this street yet sweet look this weekend. Bring the 80s back in the best possible way!

One Simple Change: When the weather gets warmer switch out the jeans for dark denim shorts and opt for beach-friendly sandals. The denim on denim look is appropriate for all seasons, so why not sport it at the beach this summer?


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