WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

What to Wear

Let’s be honest, not even a Fashionista can roll out of bed on a Saturday morning looking like Beyoncé. That’s no excuse not to try though, right? Saturday mornings are a toss-up between a charming realization of having no class and the undeniable struggle to get out of bed. My advice — sleep in but don’t over sleep. You have a full day to be productive; don’t let it go to waste. Catch up on your sleep, as well as your social life this weekend! With that being said, when you conquer the urge of laziness, get up and get after being Beyoncé.

Beyoncé is many things, but what is one trait in particular that she never fails to amaze us with? Her impeccably fierce style, which catches our attention every time she takes the stage. When you jump out of bed well rested on a gorgeous Saturday morning, look into your closet with a new eye. Ask yourself, “How can I look fierce today?” Make a statement while making your outfits personal and unique. This Fashionista makes a fierce statement with her healed, lace up Micheal Kors boots. If you don’t have boots like these, run to Macy’s. Macy’s has hundreds of adorable boots from all of our favorite designers like: Micheal Kors, Nine West and Steve Madden.

What else easily stands out in this outfit? The adorable army coat. Especially for us Michiganders, coats are a vital part of every outfit. Do not waste time with a plain jacket! Grab something that has details, different buttons, colors, textures, etc. Adding a simple yet fierce jacket turns a noticeably cold outfit to chic instantly.

Depending on your weekend plans, you can definitely play around with your fierce outfits. Dress it up or down depending on your errands, parties or the amount of free time you have! One thing to always remember though: Aim for Beyoncé.

One Simple Change: If the weather doesn’t permit for heals, swap them out for combat boots or flats!


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